Grow Packages

GAVITA PRO 1000E DE 208 - 240 SL    $ 345   bulk pricing as low as $250
really the only choice.  NANOLUX IS AWESOME TOO

GALAXY COMMERCIAL 1000 W BALLAST 120/208/240   $145
solid ballast from a WASHINGTON company with 2 yr wrnty.  

SUN SYSTEM FLOWER POWER LEC #906298  120/240                           PAR PRO 315 4200K BULB                           SYSTEM PRICE $192.10

​excellent veg light.  excellent veg.  fast groth. dark green like a t5.  also        used  for supplemental for more crystal development in bloom.  lec lighting is less of a shock for plants over mh  when moving plants to a room with GAVITAS